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Haranadh Spoken English
Haranadh Spoken English

About Us

HARANADH'S RAJAHMUNDRY SPOKEN ENGLISH CENTRE offers effective communication skills training. By joining the course you could learn to communicate as fluently as a native speaker does. Essential grammar, functional vocabulary, plenty of work sheets, daily conversation practice, group discussions and many more features are part of this unique result oriented programme.

you will have learnt to.
1. Take part in small talk and group discussions
2. Narrate stories and incidents.
3. Tell jokes and anecdotes
4. Ask others in English and get things done
5. Communicate intelligently in any situation.
6.Effective speaking in Spontaneous Situations.
7.Interview Skills,Mock sessions & Daily Vocabulary Practice sessions.
8.Accent Training Skills.
We can make you to speak in English within short period.

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